This page is dedicated to my operations with donated money. Sums of money are not big or zero. I don't want to recieve money for doing nothing, so on this page I will describe what content I've produced on received donations.


Content I produce

  • Contributions to libre software (planned)
  • Articles in my blog on topics below
    • GNU/Linux
    • Emacs
    • Free Software Philosophy
    • Functional programming
    • Computer Language Theory / Compiler construction
    • Lisp, Scheme, Racket (most likely)
    • C programming
    • Smalltalk
    • Oberon
    • SML, Ocaml, Haskell (less likely)
  • Talks/screencasts with slides
    • Emacs as an editor for polyglot programmer (planned)
  • Music (but you are probably not interested in that)

Considering other people to donate

Andrew Tropin
Guix Home + rde project, Emacs. He has Youtube channel with interesting screencasts. He doesn't have libera or patreon account, but he defenitely worth to donate money.
Artyom "avp" Poptsov
Creates Guile libraries
Ekaitz Zarraga
Free software blogging and "low-level" programming
System Crafters
Guix and Emacs videos
Protesilaos Stavrou
Free software philosophy and emacs contributions
Leah Rowe
Libreboot & Coreboot as libre bios replacement
Brett Gilio
GNU Group in Telegram, org-webring and Ocaml programming

And other great people. Try to search them on Liberapay and Patreon by using words "Guix", "Emacs", "GNU", "Free Software".

Considering projects to donate

GNU Guix
Functional package manager and operating system, that has similarities with NixOS project.
GNU Trisquel
Libre distribution approved by GNU project based on Ubuntu LTS.
GNU Parabola
Libre distribution approved by GNU project based on Arch Linux
GNU Hyperbola
Libre distribution approved by GNU project based on Arch Linux taking free software philosophy to its maximum. They are working on libre fork of OpenBSD.
Foss & Crafts
Podcast about free software.
Free Software Foundation. They support GPL, GNU and other Free Software related initiatives.

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